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                                                                  His Highness Prince Rasul Yagudin

(born in 1963). 
Teacher, philologist, journalist, pamphleteer, poet, prosaist. Literary directions: vanguard lyric poetry, highly topical mystical thriller, the journalism. He was been published in many newspapers and magazines of Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Israel, Northern Cyprus, Southern Cyprus, USA, Canada etc., on the radio the satellite of 107FM (Ufa), radio “Militia wave” (Moscow), on the television channel “First channel”, in collector “Fiction of Bashkortostan” (Ufa) etc.
      He worked as handyman, loader, slinger during the building, fitter of decorations in the theater, as laboratory assistant, then by engineer in NII (Scientific Research Institute), by the teacher of the Russian language and literature in the schools and the university, by correspondent in the newspapers… in this case basic work with the creation was always combined.
Learned in the department of journalism of Ural State University, on the philological - Bashkir State University, in the graduate study of Moscow state pedagogical institute.
In journalism since 1980. He began at the seventeen-year age with the not on the staff reporter of the republic youth newspaper “Leninist”. Now - the most noticeable and scandalously well-known extreme journalist of Republic Bashkortostan, He repeatedly became the object of militia provocations, illegal judicial decisions, underwent attacks and attacks on the apartment.
In connection with the illegal pursuits He was mentioned under the pseudonym in the report of Moscow Helsinki group (1998), the report of the Person of Russia (1999) authorized on the rights, under the present name - in the article of the American senator and writer David Dukas (2001), in the statement of the International committee of the protection of free press and rights of journalists (2007), in the magazine “Journalist” (2008), supervised “Yagoudin against Russia” in the European law court for human rights in Strasbourg (2000-2002 and 2011-2014).
Because of the incessant provocations of the Ufa police He was in 2009 forced to emigrate from Ufa into the settlement of the urban type Chishmy (Bashkortostan).
In 2011 he was prosecuted for his journalistical activities and forced to emigrate from Russia in Europe.
The member of the Union of journalists of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union of the journalists of Russia (Moscow), of the International federation of journalists (Brussels), of the Association of Russian writers of  the Union of writers of Bashkortostan (Ufa), of the Union of Russian writers (Moscow), of the International federation of Russian-Language writers (Budapest), of the Authors and publicists international association (London), of the International Guild of Writers (Berlin), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Worldwide Writers Corporation (New York), the Editor in chief of the magazine “Modern literature of the world”, the editor in chief of the regional release of “Objective newspaper” (Kiev) “ON -Bashkortostan”.

The hereditary nobleman - the prince. Full member of the Noble Union of Russia
Author of the books: “The athletic gymnastics: systematic recommendations” (Ufa, 1991), “The Russian language: grammar, orthography, punctuation. Reference book (Ufa: 1996, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, New York: 2010, 2011 of the publication), “The tin heart” (Ufa, 2000), “The full moon” (Ufa, 2002), “The road of force” (Moscow, 2008), “The athletic gymnastics and bodybuilding: how to build ideal body” (Moscow, 2009), “On the tongue“ (New York, 2010) 
In 2002 in Ufa He came out by the initiator of the creation of Creative group “Fiction of Bashkortostan” and was selected by its chairman.
In 2003 he became founder and from the day of base he is up to now the editor in chief of the literature and publicistic magazine
In the middle of a night of 30 November 2011 His Highness Prince Rasul Yagudin was forced to escape from Russia and afterwards was proclaimed on the federal wanted list. Now he is a recognized refugee on Cyprus.

Nowadays His Highness Prince Rasul Yagudin lives in Paris (France)

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